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10 Reasons Why Artificial Grass is Great for Kids

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

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There’s nothing worse than children playing out in the garden when it’s muddy. They come running through the house trailing in mounds of mud behind them. Nightmare! With the constant rain showers and the kids eager to play outside no matter the weather, artificial grass is the answer to your woes. Sound good? We’re an artificial grass installer in Milton Keynes that can help transform your garden. 

Why is artificial grass great for families? 

1. Goodbye grass stains

If you’re fed up with your kids coming in from the garden with grass stains, fake grass is a winner. Say goodbye to scrubbing out stains or even throwing out clothes that are unsalvageable.

2. Year-round play

Do you find yourself often saying no to your children when they ask to go into the garden because it’s all boggy? With artificial grass, you don’t need to keep them cooped up inside. They can venture outside with no fear of being covered in mud. 

3. No maintenance

A real lawn requires a lot of upkeep. If you haven’t had time to mow the lawn this may scupper the kid’s plans to play outside. With artificial grass, your lawn is ready to be played on all day, every day. 

4. You’ll use your garden more often

The garden doesn’t need to be restricted to use only in the warmer months. With fake grass, your garden can be used year-round and your children will still get their daily dose of vitamin D. It gives you that additional space to enjoy and you’ll find yourself spending more time together as a family. 

5. Stays lush and green

Large kid’s play equipment is terrible for leaving unsightly brown patches on real grass lawns. The paddling pool is one of the worst offenders. With residential artificial turf, you can feel confident that your lawn will look good no matter what equipment you place on it. When the kids ask for a slide or trampoline, you won’t have to worry about the damage to the lawn. 

6. Cleaner paddling pools

On the subject of paddling pools, with a real lawn, your children will quickly fill it up with dead grass, making the water murky and in need of a change. With artificial grass, you’ll have a cleaner pool for longer. 

7. Ideal for sport 

With artificial grass, you’ll have a perfectly flat lawn with a consistent grass length. This is just the ticket for a kick about or a spot of cricket. 

8. A Socialiser’s dream

Your little social butterflies can invite their friend’s around after school. You could even throw their birthday party outside. You’ll have a great backdrop and if it rains the day before, it won’t ruin the party plans. 

9. The kids won’t damage the lawn

It isn’t just the play equipment that can damage the grass. Kid’s love a bit of rough and tumble. With residential artificial turf, you can feel confident that they won’t wreck your garden. It’ll stay looking pristine no matter how rough they play!

10. Better for allergy sufferers

Removing the lawn will reduce the amount of pollen in your garden. This is great if your little one is an allergy sufferer. 

If artificial grass is something you’re considering for your family home, we are an Resident and commercial lawn Installer in Milton Keynes. Take a look at some of our products to see what’s the best fit for you and your kids.