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A Garden to Use in All Seasons

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

Prestige Lawns Beautiful Gardens

In the UK, we have a lot of rain, wind and snow and our gardens go through it all, meaning it can sometimes be difficult to use them unless it’s a dry and hot day, which is very rare for us. It’s a dream to have a garden that can be used in all seasons but now you’ve got Prestige Lawns, you can make that dream a reality! Artificial grass is the perfect solution to have a beautiful garden that you can use to your heart’s content in all seasons.

Bloom and Blossom in the Months of Spring

A picture of blossom

Spring is the season of new life. Flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming and your artificial lawn will be looking fresh and bright to complement the beautiful spring colours. With regular grass, you usually can’t use the garden in spring due to being too boggy from the winter weather. When we face the drip, drip, drop of the April showers, you’ll still be able to use your garden without the worry of getting muddy!

Fun in the Summer Sun

A picture of bunting for a summer garden party

What more can you want for summer garden parties than a beautiful, green lawn? Artificial grass can give you the fresh-garden-look everyone dreams of. It’s also really great for when your children want to play outside and it’s completely pet-proof, so no more grass stained clothes, trampled lawn or muddy paws!

Ready for the Autumn Breeze and Crunchy Leaves

A picture of autumn leaves

Autumn brings a cold breeze and crunchy leaves. Opting for artificial grass means you can rake up the autumn leaves without worrying about pulling grass out of the ground. You’ll also have a lovely green background to all of the red and orange autumnal colour.

Snow is Falling all Around Us

A picture of mittens in snow

When we said you can use your garden in all seasons, we really meant it. With artificial grass, you can even use your garden through the rain, snow and storms of winter! By eliminating the amount of mud from your garden, you’ll have no more muddy foot or paw prints coming into the house after playing in the garden. Whilst the trees look bare and no flowers are blooming, you’ll still have the brightness of your lawn!

If you’d like a garden that you can use in all seasons, get in touch with the team at Prestige Lawns and get artificial grass installed! Fill out our contact form online or give us a call on 01908 542422.

A freshly installed artificial grass lawn edged with curved paving stones in a contemporary garden, with a wooden fence and brick wall backdrop.
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