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Can You Install Artificial Grass On A Slope?

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

Artificial Grass on a Slope

If your garden sits on a slope you may have found that your grass is extremely difficult to maintain.  Synthetic grass, however, is a desirable option for many people, saving time and money on lawn care for those who have sloped gardens. But many people are unsure if it is possible to install artificial grass on a slope. Thankfully, it is entirely possible. Here we look at the problems that can arise from natural grass in sloped gardens and why artificial grass is the perfect solution.

Problematic Natural Grass

Having a sloped garden can present a number of problems for homeowners. Cutting the lawn can vary from tricky to flat out dangerous depending on how steep your garden is. Watering the grass consistently can be a nightmare as the water drains down to the bottom of the slope, leaving your grass dry at the top and flooded at the bottom. There are a number of common lawn problems that occur with natural grass at the best of times, and these become increasingly more difficult to fix when your garden is sloped. Treating, weeding and aerating the grass can be a huge hassle and more trouble than it’s worth.

It can be all too easy to spend thousands of pounds on trying to fix your grass woes over the years, from expensive treatments, having to relay turf on patchy areas or pricey watering systems. And after all of that wasted time and money, your grass may not look a single bit better, because the underlying issues aren’t being resolved. When it comes to solving the problem of a sloped lawn, there are two options; remove the slope altogether and relay the entire garden, or install artificial grass on a slope instead.

Artificial Grass Solutions

While levelling out your garden to remove your slope is an option, it is quicker and cheaper to replace your natural grass with artificial grass. As artificial grass is flexible, laying it on a slope is just as easy as installing on a flat base. As with any artificial grass installation, if it is done correctly there’s no risk of ripples, lumps or air pockets. It may be more difficult to measure the size of the area on a slope, however, so make sure you hire a reliable artificial grass company who can measure and install your grass correctly. All of the other installation steps, including preparation and materials, will all be the same as a normal artificial grass installation. This makes getting artificial grass on a slope in your garden an easy and hassle-free solution.

Installing Artificial Grass on a Slope

When installing artificial grass on a slope, the natural grass and any accompanying debris are removed to reveal the soil underneath. Timber planks are then concreted into place across the top and bottom of the slope. This acts as an anchor for the artificial grass to be nailed to, keeping it secure and stopping any slippage. Some gardens may require additional timbers to be fitted around the entire perimeter depending on the size of the garden and the angle of the slope.

Once the timbers are all in place, the soil is then covered in either granite dust or chippings, depending on your drainage needs. This is compacted down to create a sturdy base for your artificial grass, which won’t shift underfoot or be washed away by rain. A membrane is then laid out over the granite, binding it to the soil and stopping it from slipping down the slope. Weed membranes are often used as weeds can still grow in the soil under artificial grass.

The artificial grass is then laid out in place and left to ‘settle’ – artificial grass is compacted in the factory for storage and delivery. Unrolling the grass and laying it out allows it to relax back into a more natural shape, which gives a better finish to your artificial lawn. Once the grass has settled it is nailed into the timber frames and secured tightly to smooth out any ripples or bumps. A little sand is often used under the artificial grass for additional stability. Once this is done, your artificial grass is brushed to give it a beautiful finish and your artificial lawn is complete.

Artificial Grass from Prestige Lawns

Installing artificial grass on a slope may require a greater skill than on a flat base. At Prestige Lawns we have expert lawn layers who specialise in installing artificial grass on a slope. To find out more benefits of having an artificial lawn, read our article on The Benefits of Artificial Grass.

If you would like to find out more about artificial grass or to inquire about installing artificial grass on a slope in your garden, get in touch with the team at Prestige Lawns. Give us a call on 01908 542422, or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.