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Cleaning and Maintenance Products for Your Artificial Turf

Are you looking for ways to keep your artificial grass in top-notch condition? We offer a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products designed to prolong the life and appearance of your artificial grass. 

With over a decade of experience in the artificial grass industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to recommend the best cleaning and maintenance products for your needs. Trust Prestige Lawns to provide you with the highest quality solutions.

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Why Choose Us for Your Artificial Turf Maintenance Needs?

We understand your specific needs and our in-house team will guide you to the most suitable cleaning and maintenance solution.

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The Benefits of Our Cleaning and Maintenance Products

The longevity of your artificial grass greatly depends on its upkeep. Prestige Lawns cleaning and maintenance products are formulated to keep your artificial turf looking vibrant and fresh for years to come.

Our cleaning solutions are designed to handle all kinds of dirt and debris, ensuring a clean and safe environment for all users. OUR maintenance products, help retain the integrity of your artificial turf, keeping it lush and durable even with high foot traffic, our products are eco-friendly, causing no harm to the environment or to the users of the grass.

All of our products come with the Prestige Lawns guarantee of quality. We take the safety of our clients seriously, ensuring all our products are thoroughly tested and comply with all necessary safety standards. Plus, we offer expert advice and guidance on product usage, making the maintenance process easy for you.

Get in Touch With Prestige Lawns

At Prestige Lawns, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional service. Contact us today to learn more about our range of cleaning and maintenance products. Let us help you maintain the pristine condition of your artificial turf, creating a beautiful and long-lasting green space that all users will admire.


Is artificial grass easy to maintain?

Because artificial grass takes little maintenance—just the occasional brushing and washing to keep it looking its best—it is typically easy to maintain. It requires no watering, fertilising, or mowing, which makes it a low-maintenance alternative for lawns and landscaping compared to real grass.

Is it OK to vacuum artificial grass?

In general, vacuuming fake grass is acceptable. To maintain the grass looking clean and preventing damage to the fibres, it’s crucial to use a hoover with a soft brush attachment and to hoover softly to eliminate dirt.

Is it OK to jet-wash artificial grass?

In general, jet-washing artificial grass is acceptable as it may be an efficient way to get rid of stains, dirt, and debris. To protect the grass fibres and the underlying base, it is imperative to utilise a low-pressure setting and hold the nozzle at a suitable distance.

How do you get dog urine out of artificial grass?

In most cases, it is possible to wipe dog urine from artificial grass. After rinsing the affected area with water to dilute the pee, break down, and remove the stain and odour using an enzyme cleanser that is safe for pets.

How do you make artificial grass look brand new?

Using a leaf blower or a light sweeping, remove any dirt and leaves to make fake grass appear brand new. After dusting, rinse the grass with water to eliminate any remaining particles, then use a power broom or stiff brush to push the grass fibres back into their upright posture for a vibrant, renewed look.