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Artificial Golf Grass

Are you looking to give your golf course an all-weather makeover? 

Here at Prestige Lawns, we have an impressive collection of artificial turf designed to help you be perfect with your putting and dominate with your driver. Our artificial golf grass not only performs amazing but also looks amazing. All without the stringent maintenance that real grass requires.

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Explore Our Range Of Artificial Lawns Designed With Golf In Mind

We stock a vast range of artificial lawns which have been specially crafted to help you shut out the slice and hone in on the hooks. Each of these lawns is created using premium materials and expert craftsmanship so you can be confident they will last. 


Pro Mat 

Our 15mm polypropylene Pro Mat surface is perfect for use in driving ranges, practice bays, all-weather course tees, simulator bays and much more. The lawn is lined with a forgiving soft foam that has been perfected to replicate natural playing characteristics. 

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Drive Mat 

This stunning 15mm polypropylene Drive Mat surface is lined with a 10mm rubber crumb and is perfect for driving ranges, practice bays, simulator bays, all-weather course tees and more. The lawn has several impressive benefits such as shock absorption to minimise joint strain, exceptional durability and performance endurance. 

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Winter Tee 

This ultra-lush 36mm non-infill constructed Winter Tee Turf is perfect for both supporting tees and driving straight off the surface. The stunning monofilament yarn used for its construction was specially selected due to its robustness and long-lasting qualities. 

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Play Putt 

Our Play Putt turf is made up of 15mm high-density fibres that help to create a low maintenance and hassle-free putting green surface. The synthetic lawn also has amazing drainage and is therefore playable in even the wettest of weather. 

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Pro Putt 

Our Putting Grass Pro Put is made from ultra-durable nylon that perfectly replicates a real grass green allowing you to get a truly authentic feel. This incredible low-maintenance & all-weather synthetic grass surface is the best tool for perfecting your putting, all year round. 

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Ultra Durable & High-Quality Artificial Grass For Golf Greens, Tee Boxes & Fairways

Golf courses require a huge amount of meticulous maintenance all year round, especially in wet and muddy conditions. Irrigation, mowing, weed control, pest control, and repairing player damage are just a few of the maintenance jobs that are required on natural grass courses. 

This need for maintenance can be significantly reduced by opting for all-weather artificial grass. In the past, courses have been sceptical of making the switch to artificial options due to unnatural bounces and irregular rolls. However, modern technology has been able to perfect artificial grass to replicate the natural movement of a golf ball on real grass. 

Our artificial golf grass is also great for at-home putting greens, practice bays and simulator setups as they allow for an authentic feel from the comfort of your own home.  

Here at Prestige Lawns, we not only help you to pick out the best lawn for you, but we also complete a high-quality installation to ensure the highest quality finish. You can therefore rest assured that when you choose us, you are in the best possible hands.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass For Your Golf Course

There are so many benefits of choosing artificial grass options over real grass for golf courses. These benefits include 

Low Maintenance – Using synthetic grass for golf helps to minimise the rigorous maintenance that a typical natural grass course would need. No more mowing, weeding, watering, irrigation or turf repairs, just luscious-looking and vibrant grass all year round. 

All Weather – No one likes to be teeing off from a muddy tee box or putting on a waterlogged putting green. Artificial grass allows a golf course to become all-weather thanks to its incredible drainage, UV stabilisation and high-quality yarn materials. 

Low Cost – While the initial investment of artificial turf may be relatively high, you will save a huge amount of money in the long run through reduced maintenance costs. Artificial turf is incredibly low maintenance and therefore cheap to maintain. 

UV Stabilised – All of our artificial lawns are fully UV stabilised and will therefore not discolour under strong summer UV rays. This helps to ensure that the grass stays healthy-looking and vibrant green all year round. 

10-Year Warranty – Here at Prestige Lawns, our artificial lawn solutions come with a 10-year warranty. That is something that you cannot get from natural grass. This means that you are fully covered for any damages or blemishes for up to 10 years. 


Why Choose Prestige Lawns Artificial Golf Grass 

Here at Prestige Lawns, we have been providing our artificial grass solutions for homes, businesses, and golf courses all across the UK for over 20 years. Over this time we have been able to refine our raw materials to ensure that we are providing our customers with premium-quality synthetic grass. 

In addition to this, all of our lawns come with a high-quality installation from our experienced in-house installation team. You can therefore rest assured that you are not only getting premium quality turf but also a top-of-the-line installation to make sure that you get the very best end product. 

Get in Touch With Prestige Lawns Today

Our team of experienced industry experts are dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect artificial grass for their projects. They will listen closely to all of your needs and requirements and then offer their expert advice on what they believe is best for you. 

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What is an artificial grass golf mat?

An artificial grass golf mat is a synthetic surface designed to replicate the feel and performance of natural grass on a golf course. It provides golfers with a practice area for hitting shots, including tee shots and fairway shots, in a controlled environment. These mats are commonly used for golf practice at driving ranges or in home setups.

Can artificial grass golf mats be used with real golf tees?

Yes, our artificial grass golf mats are designed to accommodate real golf tees. They include a designated area or hole where golfers can insert tees to practice different types of shots, including tee shots. This flexibility allows for a more versatile practice experience.

Are artificial grass golf mats suitable for indoor use?

Yes, artificial grass golf mats are suitable for indoor use, making them ideal for golf enthusiasts who want to practice in a controlled environment. They provide a consistent surface for practicing swings, shots, and putting indoors, allowing for year-round golf practice regardless of weather conditions.

Can artificial grass golf mats be used with golf simulators?

Yes, artificial grass golf mats are compatible with many golf simulators. The realistic surface of these mats allows golfers to use them in conjunction with simulation software to practice and improve their skills. When using with a golf simulator, ensure that the mat is compatible with the specific simulator setup.