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Demand For Artificial Grass Doubles During Lockdown

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

Artificial Grass Garden in St Albans

The demand for artificial grass has been steadily growing as more people are rejecting traditional lawns. According to Google Trends, which tracks the popularity of internet searches, the term ‘artificial grass’ rocketed by 185 per cent in May, compared to the same month last year.

Whether you’re wanting to transform your lawn or even creating your own Jurassic Park, it’s clear that there is a surge in people wanting to convert to artificial grass.

It has become a brilliant option for pubs wanting to improve their beer gardens and outdoor spaces to attract customers wanting to enjoy a pint while socially distancing, or people wanting to make the best of their backyards during the lockdown, even a small patch of artificial lawn can help you get away from it all for a short time!

But why are people rejecting their traditional lawns?

The lockdown effect

The extra time we have all been spending at home means people are turning their sights to their own homes and gardens, and the rise in searches for artificial grass suggests people are looking for ways to keep their gardens looking lush and green all year round, especially since we’ve had longer to look at it while stuck at home.

Even those with keen gardening aspirations may have found it difficult to maintain their natural lawns during the recent heatwave, where high temperatures and little rain can result in patchy grass.

Factor in the need to constantly mow the lawn, as well as seeding and watering it, it can soon become clear why people are looking to make the switch.

Why is artificial grass so popular?

Artificial grass is hard-wearing and enduring, meaning it can stand up to heavy use from children and pets without the requirement for lots of maintenance. This gives families the chance to enjoy their gardens more whatever the weather, but without the hard work.

It doesn’t require watering, which means pets and kids won’t be treading mud through the house, and it will save on water, as surely the annual hosepipe ban is only just around the corner!

There is such a wide range of options for artificial grass, it provides considers the ability to change the look of their gardens to compliment the aesthetics of their homes.

The homeowners of the UK are realising that they no longer have to spend hours toiling in the garden with mowing and weeding and constantly maintaining their lawns to ensure they look lush. They are wanting to enjoy their gardens and green spaces with convenience to go alongside an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

The hot summer can be harsh on traditional gardens, and they can become easily destroyed during the spring and summer as the kids and pets, rightfully, make it their playground. Artificial grass is a fantastic solution to giving the kids and pets a lovely, and safe lawn to enjoy and play on, while still maintaining the traditional garden aesthetic.

If you’re looking for premium artificial grass in Cambridge, come and see how we can help you!