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Get The Most Out Of Your Garden In Autumn

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

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As the days begin to get shorter the cooler evenings do not mean the usefulness of your outdoor spaces needs to come to an end. We are all much more appreciative of having a garden or patio to use after the lockdown, and you can still get much more use from your outdoor space despite it being darker and colder.

To first combat the darker evenings, it is easy enough to add atmosphere to your garden and patio with the inclusion of
outdoor lighting
, which is available in a wide range of styles, from intimate mood lighting to brighter illumination for gatherings and October BBQs.

Aside from its practical applications the best outdoor lighting will add beauty and a welcoming atmosphere and ambience to your garden at night, as well as enhancing the beauty of your garden at night from inside your home on winter evenings.

Think creatively with your outdoor lighting, and look for styles that will not look out of place during the day when they’re
not in use. Many types are solar-powered, eliminating the need to consider outdoor wiring for your lights.

Outdoor lighting can at times be harsh and artificial, but positioning lights among plants will soften the lighting and provide a more natural look. Bamboos and grasses are particularly effective, creating a dancing effect to light, especially on breezy evenings.

While atmospheric outdoor lighting will create a ‘warmer’ atmosphere, you will also need to keep warm when the temperatures fall, and the addition of outdoor heating solutions can provide the heat you need to be comfortable.

The best outdoor heaters will not only provide much-needed warmth but can also enhance the appearance and atmosphere of a garden. There are a few different types of patio heater, from simple electric models to gas-powered heaters, to solid fuel burning chimineas and fire pits.

Traditional patio heaters will work well on any terraced or patio spaces, but if you want to add a little more pizzazz and
drama then there are many other alternative options to consider. 


Freestanding heaters

These are the type most commonly seen in pub beer gardens, typically tall and rather heavy, and with a slightly more industrial-style. They can be gas or electric, but the latter would require an outdoor weatherproof power source. There are smaller tabletop versions too, but not as powerful.


Mounted heater

Usually seen fixed to a wall, these provide a more long-term solution, but it also means that they cannot be moved to other areas of the garden or patio, and do require a wall to be mounted on. An alternative is a version that attaches to a parasol pole for providing heat around a table.


Freestanding fire pits and chimineas

These are popular additions to many patios, and they can provide a lot of heat, so best kept away from the garden area,
whether you have real or synthetic grass. There is a wide range of these available in traditional and contemporary styles, but it is worth noting that the naked flames and hot casings could make them a potential hazard for families with young children.

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