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How Often Should you Clean Artificial Grass?

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

How to Solve the Most Common Issues with Artificial Lawns

Artificial grass is so easy to maintain, once the artificial grass installers have been people often forget about the need to clean it. It is so important to clean your brand-new lawn so that you can keep it looking like it has just been installed. But how often do you actually need to clean it?

Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

There is a rough guide that you should clean your grass weekly and monthly, however cleaning is dependent on many factors.

With many cleaning myths floating around the web on how to get rid of bad odors from your lawn, we’re here to say these don’t work. Check out our guide to garden maintenance which does work!

If you follow this advice then your grass will be kept looking pristine.

5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Artificial Grass

To ensure that your lawn looks well kept, pristine, and brand new.

  1. Keep it safe for your children and pets to play on – If your children are playing on the grass you want to make sure that they aren’t going to step on anything sharp or if you have young children they aren’t going to try and eat.
  2. To get rid of dirt and debris that has fallen onto the grass – If you neglect this all the leaves and other debris will eventfully build up and intertwine with the grass blades.
  3. To clean up any spillages that can make the grass sticky – You might have had friends round at the weekend or your child spilled a drink on the grass making it sticky. That is the last thing you want, to be walking across your grass and it is sticky.
  4. Cleaning up after pets – Your pets might do their business on your lawn, so it is important to clean it up so you can keep your lawn spelling fresh. It depends on how many pets you have but you might want to do this more often than weekly so you avoid the odor.