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How to Throw the Best Garden Party during the Christmas Season

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

Prestige Lawns Garden in the Christmas Season

A garden party during the Christmas season? Did we really just put those two phrases into the same sentence? We know the weather isn’t always fantastic in England during the Christmas season but there shouldn’t be a reason to say no to throwing a garden party. We’ve come up with our top tips for throwing the best party outside during the festive season.

Fairy Lights

A picture of Christmas fairy lights

Is it really Christmas if you don’t go over the top with fairy lights? They’re the perfect decoration to give your garden party that cosy, festive feel that we associate with the Christmas season. Various other garden lights are also great to brighten up your outdoor party. There are many solar powered garden lights available nowadays, meaning you’re also staying environmentally friendly with all of your lighting.


A picture of a gazebo

As mentioned earlier, English weather is not always reliable and it can be expected that there will be a bit of rain. To keep you covered, get some shelter for your garden party! A gazebo is perfect as it provides shelter from any rain and also from the wind, keeping all the warmth inside the gazebo; leading us on perfectly to our third point.


A picture of a firepit

English winters can get really cold in the evening and nobody really wants to be at a party during the Christmas season in a coat, hat, scarf and gloves! Investing in some outdoor heaters will be a great choice for your party and can also be placed under your gazebo, making it even warmer. Another heater option could also be a firepit or chiminea.

Artificial Grass

A picture of artificial grass

No one wants to get dressed up for a Christmas party just to get muddy shoes. Eliminate the mud from your garden with artificial grass! It’s completely weatherproof, making it a great base for your outdoor party during the winter!

Indulge in All the Festive Food and Drink

A picture of mince pies

To top off your garden party, make sure you serve lots of Christmas food and drinks. There’s nothing quite like the smell of warm mince pies, roasted chestnuts, mulled wine and hot chocolate to make you feel the spirit of the Christmas season!

To find out more about getting artificial grass ready for your party in the garden this Christmas period, get in touch with the team at Prestige Lawns! Give us a call on 01908 542422 or fill out our online contact form.