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How to use Artificial Grass this Christmas?

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

Artificial Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again. It’s Christmas everyone! Time to get your decorations out and time to relax and enjoy this holiday with your loved ones.

If you’ve recently had artificial grass installers around you’re bound to have offcuts or extra bits of grass hanging around. Instead of tossing these offcuts away, think of new ways to use them to make festive decorations. Let’s face it, everyone enjoys recycling when they can, so why not create a decoration out of it and have this for years to come. You could even make a day of it by having a family competition for the best Christmas decoration. 

1. Christmas Trees

Artificial Grass installers will leave you the off cuts from your artificial lawns in Bletchley, so why not make your own unique Christmas tree. No one will have the same one! Making your own Christmas tree will take some time but the results after are fantastic. You don’t even have to make them that big. You could make miniature ones from small offcuts to put on a windowsill or bookshelf.

2. Snow Scene

A snow scene is something that everyone enjoy, they simply bring together the Christmas festivities. Why not make a snow scene out of the artificial grass in Bletchley from your offcuts. Place a Christmas scene on top of the grass and spray fake snow on it before displaying it on a windowsill or coffee table. Voila, you’re done!

3. Artificial Grass mat for your Christmas tree

Christmas trees have become the most common Christmas decoration. Everyone has one! Christmas wouldn’t not be complete without a Christmas tree. You can utilize the offcuts from the artificial grass in Bletchley to make a mat for your Christmas tree to stand on. The artificial grass will really come together once the presents start to build up on Christmas eve.

4. Christmas Wreath

Another fantastic tip for what to do with your artificial grass offcuts is to build Christmas wreaths. Wreaths greet guests into your home, so what better way to welcome them than with your own custom-made wreath? You’ll always have a discussion starter when visitors arrive.

It’s not just about making Christmas decorations from artificial grass installers offcuts, it’s about the easy low maintenance of your lawn over the cold winter months.