Improved the look of our front garden

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.


To Prestige Lawns,

For years we were trying to think of how to improve the look of our front garden. It faces the wrong way to get any sunshine and nothing would grow in it, apart from the odd wisp of grass and a few weeds.

We tried wood chippings but before long they would look a mess. Worse than that they just seemed to encourage the local cats to come and use it as a giant litter tray.

We then heard about Prestige Lawns. We contacted you to arrange installation and we are very glad we did. Now, instead of being an unsightly mess our front garden is transformed into being a proud feature of our house. It has improved the general appearance of the house enormously and we are just sorry we did not get it done a long time ago.

Just wanted to let you know we appreciate the work you did and that we were impressed with the friendly professional workmanship you and your team provided.

All the best

Tom & Roisín

Green BlissGreen Bliss

Green BlissGreen Bliss