Artificial Grass Installation

How Prestige Lawns Install Artificial Grass

One of the questions we hear on a regular basis is ‘how do you lay artificial grass?’

That’s why we’ve put together the following step by step guide explaining how we do just that at Prestige Lawns.

Looking for a beautiful and low-maintenance artificial lawn? At Prestige Lawns we offer a full artificial grass installation service where our team can create the garden you’ve always wanted using artificial grass. Our artificial lawns are available in any shape and are suitable for both residential gardens and commercial areas such as schools and offices. They’re easy to maintain too, making them a great option for both businesses and busy households.

With our installation team’s expertise and sharp attention to detail, we can guarantee you a durable, impeccable lawn for many years to come. We use only the finest quality materials and perform all our work to approved industry standards.

Country garden artificial grass

Expert Artificial Lawn Installers

At Prestige Lawns our artificial grass installation service is a bespoke system. Each project is unique and planned in accordance with the vision you have for your garden. To ensure your lawn is as long lasting as it can be, the products we use in the installation will be chosen based on the conditions of the ground and the intended use for the artificial lawn.

We’re always available to offer advice to potential customers and can even provide you with product samples or you can come visit our show garden to see the grass fully installed to help  with your decision. Whether your artificial turf is going to be used by children or pets, for corporate events or sporting activities, our professional installers will ensure that the final product is everything you want and need it to be.

The Sub-base

What goes beneath your artificial grass (the foundation) is as important as any other part of your lawn. The Aqua Flow system that we fit for your lawn has many advantages over a DIY method of water drainage. Not only is it more practical and hygienic but it also complies with SUDS regulations (sustainable urban drainage systems), as it allows water to freely drain back into the natural water course without creating any run-off. The Aqua Flow system is great for the environment and doesn’t require any additional drainage.

Laying the Lawn

The process of laying an artificial lawn is different every time. This is because there are so many things to consider when your artificial lawn is laid, such as the pile direction, the off cuts and the positioning of any joins. Because these are all unique in each customer’s project, our surveyor will use a laying method specifically suited to you to ensure the best results possible.

Keeping Tidy

During the installation process, we aim to cause as little disturbance to your day to day life as possible. Being tidy whilst we work is important to us and I’m sure to you too. To cause as little disruption as we can, we always aim to keep the site tidy whilst installing your artificial turf. We’re always careful to remove all waste from the site, and use our own vehicles to take everything to be recycled.


The artificial grass installation cost varies according to the size of lawn to be laid, any additional borders needed and the materials used for the sub-base. Generally speaking, an artificial lawn will cost between £60 and £75 per square metre. This means that to have an average garden of 25 square metre installed with artificial grass would cost between £1500 and £1875 including VAT. We can provide you with the exact cost of an artificial lawn following a free consultation and full site survey.

BeforeArtificialGrassImageSchool play area with Artificial Grass installed

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