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If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom in the coming months, it’s worth checking out some of the top bathroom design trends for 2021.

As Better Homes & Gardens recently pointed out, one of the top trends this year will be floating vanity units which, in addition to looking sleek, have a number of practical advantages. Firstly, they make a bathroom feel larger and give you more floor space.

Secondly, they make it easier to clean your bathroom floor thoroughly, as there are no legs or stands to get in the way. Finally, floating vanity units allow you to choose one that’s the ideal length and width for your bathroom, without having to limit it to just the area around your plumbing.

Large-format wall tiles are another top bathroom design trend for 2021, identified not only by Better Homes & Gardens, but also by Real Simple. According to the latter publication, they make cleaning easier with far fewer grout lines, as well as being a particularly good choice for smaller bathrooms as larger tiles make the space look bigger.

When it comes to bathroom decor colours, warm tones are recommended by Better Homes & Gardens. You could also extend this to the fixtures in your bathroom by opting for a brushed gold mixer tap and other fittings in the metallic hue.

Other trends to watch include wood-effect tiling and heated floors, which are both set to become increasingly popular in our bathrooms in 2021. The wood-look tiles tie in with a broader interior trend that’s leaning towards introducing more natural materials into our homes, the publication added.