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The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

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The recent warm weather coupled with the coronavirus lockdown has had more people turning to their gardens to be able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. But while there has been a rise in people taking up gardening, why would anyone want artificial grass?

There are many reasons, and advantages to artificial grass. Not everyone has the extra time to be taking care of their gardens and lawns, some people have severe pollen allergies that make real grass a hazard, and some may have disabilities or restrictions that leave them unable to dedicate time to gardening.

The advantages are plain and simple. From saving money to saving time, especially on lawn maintenance, and it can also improve lifestyle and help with environmental issues. Here are some benefits:



There are a wide range of artificial grass products ideal for all landscaping needs, for both residential and commercial properties.

An Artificial lawn looks and feels just like well maintained natural grass all year round even during the harshest of British climates. There are fewer of the drawbacks associated with natural grass such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and watering.


Maintenance Friendly

Artificial grass needs much less of the maintenance of natural grass which, for example, requires care every day during summer, and you can spend your time doing other things than mowing and watering.

It’s more a matter of keeping clean than maintaining.

   Remove organic materials from the surface, typically by using a leaf blower.

   A stiff, natural bristle broom can be used to “fluff” high traffic areas.

   In case of turf with sand infill, you may have to add some sand infill once a year in high usage areas.


The Environment

Artificial grass installations have helped save millions of litres of water. Also, operating a lawnmower for one hour emits the same amount of pollutants as driving a car 100 kilometres. Year after year, millions of kilos of chemicals are used to upkeep grass lawns. With Artificial grass, you get the aesthetic value of a perfectly maintained grass lawn without the environmental drawbacks of natural grass.


If you’re looking for an artificial grass company to transform your garden, come and talk to us today.