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Top Garden Trends To Consider This Year

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

Artificial Grass on a Slope

If you’ve decided that 2020 is the year that you’re going to revamp your outdoor space after spending so much more time at home than in previous years, there are a number of trends you may want to consider incorporating into your garden.

House Beautiful recently highlighted some of the simplest ways to provide a boost to your garden during lockdown if you can’t wait to get started.

The news provider focused specifically on how to create a restorative space that you can use to help you destress and recharge, even if you can’t escape into a natural wilderness area at the moment.

One of the top tips from the publication is to think about how your garden can appeal to all of your senses. Choosing fragrant blooms for your flower beds is one option, as well as making sure that you have plenty of colour.

But don’t neglect sound and movement too. Planting large grasses or even trees in your outdoor space can not only result in calming sounds as the wind rustles through leaves, but will also introduce some gentle movement to your garden.

Water features are another element it’s worth considering. These don’t have to be fancy waterfalls or bubbling fountains, but can instead be still water features, the news provider suggested.

“A still body of water is great for creating reflections and bringing the sky down into a space, no matter how large or small,” it asserted.

Water features were also named among the top garden trends to watch in 2020 by Livingetc. In a recent post, the publication explained that the fact that water – and in particular running water – is said to soothe the mind plays into the growing trend for wellness features throughout our homes and gardens.

More and more Brits are also exploring the idea of having an outdoor living room. The news provider revealed that searches for outdoor furniture climbed by 20 per cent among Brits in 2019 compared to a year earlier.

Creating a comfortable outdoor area is essential, but it’s also important to make sure that any furniture you choose doesn’t obscure your view of the garden from inside the home.

Low seating, as well as throws and cushions, are among the popular options that are not only comfy, but also bring softness to a space.

Of course, although you may have plenty of time to potter about in the garden at the moment, that is unlikely to last once lockdown is lifted. If you’re keen to have a lawn area where the kids can play, but don’t want to deal with the maintenance of real grass, then synthetic lawns could be the answer.

They look just as good as real turf, but you won’t need to worry about mowing them or about the prospect of them getting muddy in the wetter and colder winter weather.

This kind of turf can also work with another of the garden trends identified by House Beautiful, which involves limiting your colour palette to different shades of green. The publication explained that taking this approach to garden design will give your outdoor space “a more tranquil feel”.