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Top Tips For A Low-Maintenance Outdoor Space

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

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If you’ve been making the most of your outdoor space during lockdown and beyond, you might be wondering how you can ensure it continues to look the part as we move into autumn and winter when we typically experience much wetter weather conditions. 

For anyone who doesn’t have particularly green fingers, it can be challenging to know how to tend to a garden and keep it looking at its best all year round. 

An article for Real Homes recently offered some advice on how to create the ideal low-maintenance outdoor area that will look great all year round and, best of all, will take the minimum of effort to keep looking nice.

At the top of the list of recommendations from the publication is to work with an artificial grass company to get your lawn looking picture perfect regardless of the weather. 

The news provider noted that advances in technology around artificial turf mean that it “looks and feels more like the real deal than ever before”. To avoid having a muddy mess in your back garden, an artificial lawn can be a great solution.

“Whatever the weather, it always looks perfect, creating a solid, luscious base for the rest of your scheme to work around,” the article added. This means that if you want to make your garden a focal point for entertaining, artificial grass could be the way to go to help tie everything else together. 

This isn’t the only artificial plant that the publication recommended if you want a low-maintenance garden.

One trend that’s been everywhere is living walls and, we have to admit, they look spectacular. However, if you’re concerned that these are just more plants you’re likely to kill then you could get the aesthetic with fake plants in a living wall configuration, rather than setting up the real deal.

As we move into winter, you also won’t have the added concern of inclement or especially cold conditions killing off your beautiful living wall. It will always be luscious and green. 

For a pop of colour, you might think that you need to add flowers but, in actual fact, you could get the same effect with the right garden furniture and accessories. 

Pick out brightly coloured chairs and tables, accessorise these with colourful cushions when you’re in the garden and you’ve got a vibrant space without having to think about which plants will bloom when and, of course, the hassle of taking care of them throughout the year.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you introducing some plants in brightly coloured pots to make your space look stunning, so this could be one way to make sure you don’t lose the natural feel of your outdoor space, but while still keeping it manageable if you’re not a natural gardener. Artificial grass isn’t just an option for your garden. As the Northern Echo reported last month, it can also be a great option for nursery playgrounds. High Bank Day Nursery in Darlington recently opted for this surface for its new outdoor play area because it’s easier to maintain and also safer for young children to play on.