Homes & Gardens

Instantly impress guests and neighbours, and save time and money with Prestige Lawn’s ultra-realistic, low-maintenance artificial grass for gardens and homes. 

Balcony Or Roof Terrace

Artificial grass can now capture the texture and aesthetic of natural grass without the hassle of owning a traditional lawn. This convenience and versatility make artificial grass the perfect solution for almost any outdoor space including balconies and roof terraces.

Pet-friendly Artificial Grass

Never worry about muddy paw prints or holes in the ground again with Prestige Lawn’s pet-friendly artificial grass. Your dog will be able to play to its heart content, without any worry of grass wearing down, and you can enjoy having an ultra-realistic, low-maintenance lawn that stays looking fresh all year round. 

Adventure Golf Course Refurbishment

Maintaining a healthy-looking and functioning adventure golf course can be a tedious and expensive task. That’s why more and more crazy golf course owners are beginning to look at artificial turf as a long-lasting, lower-maintenance alternative to traditional carpets.