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Why Are Sports Teams Opting for an Artificial Pitch?

Struggling to make the decision to move over to artificial grass? This blog has got it covered.

Artificial Grass Artificial Football Pitch

The use of an artificial pitch for sports teams is a little bit of an argued topic. Whilst lots of people are all for the change to artificial grass, many are still sceptical. Nowadays, the switch to an artificial pitch is becoming a lot more popular for a variety of different sports; it’s particularly popular for American football. Below are a few of the reasons why sports teams are starting to make the change.

Low Maintenance

A picture of a man maintaining a football pitch

Ordinary pitches, particularly football pitches, can get very damaged due to the studs of players’ boots pulling up the ground. In addition to this, the weather can also damage the pitch; for example, heavy rain can result in a waterlogged pitch which isn’t suitable for play. This creates a lot of maintenance work for groundskeepers. By making the change to an artificial pitch, you’ll eliminate the regular damage and therefore decrease the amount of maintenance work, especially if players choose studs that are designed for artificial turf.


Due to the reason given above, an artificial pitch can help you to reduce costs. As they are much more durable, in the long term you’ll reduce the amount of maintenance costs. In addition to this, you’ll also minimise the cost of having to call off a game. Weather conditions such as heavy rain can make the pitch waterlogged which results in having to call off the game as it’s not suitable for play; artificial grass doesn’t create this problem.

Improve Play

A picture of a football player's feet on the pitch

Artificial grass is just as good as regular grass for sports; in some cases, it could be considered better. It can create a much firmer bounce on balls which is great for sports such as tennis. In addition to this, it can create a cushioned surface if you fall over which allows players to get straight back up and continue to play.

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