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Artificial Grass Edging Solutions for Your Green Spaces

Are you looking to add a finishing touch to your artificial grass or garden? We offer a range of artificial lawn edging products that can transform the look of your green spaces. With over 10 years of experience in artificial grass, we provide innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions, such as sleepers, steel edging, and block edging. Trust Prestige Lawns to deliver high-quality edging products that will enhance your outdoor area.

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Why Choose Prestige Lawns for Your Artificial grass Edging Needs?

Our team of trained professionals is ready to help you, whether you’re a small residential property or a large commercial landscape. We will understand your specific needs and help guide you to the perfect edging solution.

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The Benefits of Our Artificial Lawn Edging Products

The appearance and durability of your artificial grass can be enhanced with the right edging choice. Our sleepers, steel edging, and block edging are designed to offer robust protection and stylish detail to your artificial grass or garden.

Our sleepers provide a rustic charm, steel edging offers a sleek modern look, and block edging delivers a classic appeal. Each type of edging is durable, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance. Our edging solutions have been tested for longevity and resilience, keeping your green spaces well-defined and aesthetically pleasing.

As with all our offerings, all of our edging products come with the Prestige Lawns guarantee of quality. We take the safety of our clients seriously, ensuring all our products meet the necessary safety standards. We also offer expert advice and support on product choice and installation, making the process easy for you.

Steel Edging: Resilient and Flexible Solution

Our steel edging system stands unmatched in the market. Designed to maintain the immaculate edges of your artificial grass, this flexible solution adapts to any radius or angle, ensuring a perfect fit for lawns of all shapes. It is resilient and weather-resistant in all soil conditions, requiring no maintenance once installed. Our steel edging system also features an interlocking tabbed joining system for easy installation.

  • Strong and durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • Can be bent, curved or straight
  • Interlocking tabbed joining system


Sleepers: Versatile and Rustic Touch

Our sleepers add versatility and a natural charm to your garden. Ideal for adjusting garden levels or creating a specific look, our pressure-treated Softwood Sleepers come in 2400 mm lengths (100 x 200 mm). As they weather naturally over time, they lend a captivating rustic appeal to your outdoor space.

  • Ideal for raised beds and borders
  • Pressure Treated to UC3
  • PEFC Certified
  • Lifespan of 8 – 10 years
  • Dimensions: 100 x 200 x 2400 mm


Block Edging: Durable and Stylish Perimeter Finish

Our block edging provides a sturdy and stylish finish to your garden perimeter. It offers a decorative framed look and can be installed to fit any shape or level. During our free survey, our professionals will assess your garden and provide advice on whether block edging is the ideal solution for your specific needs.

  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Versatile and unique
  • Decorative finish


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At Prestige Lawns, we’re committed to providing our customers with top-notch products and excellent service. Contact us today to learn more about our range of artificial grass edging products. Let us assist you in creating a well-defined, beautiful garden that everyone will enjoy.


Can you put artificial grass next to real grass?

Fake and genuine grass may coexist. To keep the two varieties of grass apart and to have a clear, defined border between them, it’s crucial to erect a physical barrier or edging. This can provide a clean, eye-catching transition and help prevent mixing problems.

How do you edge artificial grass on concrete?

You can use flexible aluminium or steel edging strips made specifically for this reason to edge fake grass on concrete. To keep the margins tidy and stop the grass from lifting or shifting, just screw or glue the edging strips to the concrete surface, making sure they are level with the top of the grass.

What is the best equipment for edging a lawn?

A string trimmer fitted with an edging attachment or a specialised lawn edger are usually the ideal tools for edging a lawn. These tools are made to precisely trim the edges of your lawn, leaving it looking well-groomed and polished.

How do you keep weeds from growing on fake grass?

It is imperative that a weed barrier cloth or membrane be used beneath the artificial turf during the installation procedure to prevent weed growth on fake grass. To preserve an artificial grass surface free of weeds, you should also routinely check the grass’s edges and seams for any possible openings or places where weeds may get in. If you find any, take quick action to seal them up.

How can I edge my lawn cheaply?

Using straightforward, reasonably priced materials like bender boards, plastic or metal landscape edging, or even treated wood is one economical approach to edge an artificial grass. These reasonably priced solutions may easily be installed to give your artificial grass a tidy border without breaking the bank.